Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.

While on a wilderness day hike we discovered a section trail completely destroyed by fire suppression efforts; a one to two hundred foot swath of stumps, the trail little more than an eroded gully. When I contacted John Allen, Forest Supervisor of the Deschutes National Forest, I was assured that funding was available to rehab this damage. Years later, did it ever happen?


The degraded condition of the Millican Crater Trail was first called to the attention of John Allen, Deschutes National Forest Supervisor, on 9/4/15.  On 8/17/17 I received notification from John Allen that reconstruction work on the Millican Crater Trail had been completed and that he had personally hiked the trail.


Although resolution of this issue required three letters John Allen has been helpful and responsive throughout the process.  Reconstruction of the section of the Millican Crater Trail impacted by fire suppression crews has been completed.  Observations from wilderness travelers hiking this section of trail would be appreciated.