John Muir Trail, California

Connections & Partners

Wilderness Report seeks to strengthen the voice of existing conservation organizations by creating a nationwide constituency of wilderness advocates with a strong and specific voice; the protection of wilderness values.

Nationwide, there are many organizations dedicated to restoring and protecting wilderness or educating the public about wilderness.  One group, lists 140 stewardship groups on its website. A search for ”societies, associations, collations and groups” on produces a list of 108 entities.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

With offices in Durango Colorado Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a nationwide Wilderness adovcacy organization with 40 local chapters.  In 2021 the Great Old Broads for Wilderness launched the Wilderness Defense Fund; an endowed fund dedicated to supporting legal costs associated with the protection of Wilderness and wilderness values.


Idaho Trails Association

Wilderness Watch

Wilderness Watch, a national organization with offices in Bozeman Montana, is dedicated to the protection of Wilderness through education and legal action.  As a Wilderness watchdog organization Wilderness Watch frequently partners with other groups to address actions taken by Wilderness managers that fail to comply with the dictates of the Wilderness Act.

Northwest Youth Corps

Northwest Youth Corps is a youth development organization focusing on the use of paid, team-based, hands-on work experience as the vehicle to promote the growth of skills that will help participants achieve success in life.   Work experience typically involves a wide variety of conservation work often including trail construction and maintenance within Wilderness.