Great Himalaya Trail, Nepal

Why Wilderness Report

Increasingly, wilderness managers are drifting away from management by pack string and crosscut in favor of management by helicopter and chainsaw. Wilderness Report works to empower wilderness advocates nationwide in support of wilderness management policy that protects our wilderness heritage and maximizes wilderness values.  Wilderness Report (WR) is dedicated to protecting our nation's wild areas and educating users about the importance of the legislation that defines and protects them.

Ladakh, India

A New Approach

The non-mechanized outdoor recreation community has long been successful in creating hundreds of organizations dedicated to the preservation of crucial environments and/or fielding volunteer groups to attack critical projects. However, organizations focused on protecting wilderness values and wilderness legislation are far less common––organizations with such a focus, and the strong national voice needed to affect change, are rare indeed.

Court challenges are the typical way conservation organizations seek to resolve management disputes with land management agencies. Legal action is costly and time-consuming and limited resources demand it be used sparingly. It is also a reactionary and adversarial process that does little to promote partnership and long-term change.

Wilderness Report is committed to a different approach; the development of partnerships with existing conservation organizations to recruit Wilderness Monitors and help them become spokespersons for wilderness. 

Ladakh, India

Wilderness Report Seeks To:

Educate the outdoor community about the vital role the Wilderness Act plays in detailing how vast expanses of our public lands are managed.

  • Defend, protect and strengthen existing wilderness and wild river legislation.
  • Engage large numbers of users in dialogues with resource mangers about how wilderness management practices impact wilderness values.
  • Reach a nationwide audience of wilderness users.
  • Develop a cadre of Wilderness Stewards dedicated to reporting on local wilderness management issues.
  • Issue annual reports on wilderness management and the protection of wilderness values.
  • Recognize excellence in wilderness management.
  • Establish "best practices" for wilderness management.