Mount Shasta, California

Write a Letter

Letters are recommended over electronic correspondence because they are less easily lost in day-to-day glut of email we all receive every day.

  • Written communication assures information can be shared readily and most importantly, accurately.
  • Consider sending your correspondence in a Priority envelop to give your inquiry greater prommence.
  • Write directly to area’s top manager; Forest Supervisor (FS), Park Superintendent (NPS) or Area Manger (BLM).
  • Briefly and respectfully share your concern and request an answer to one or two specific questions. Phrase your question so that it can be answered specifically and directly.  Try to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.
  • Specify that you would appreciate a written response.
  • You may receive a more thoughtful response if you mention that all correspondence related to the issue will be shared with Wilderness Report and may be posted on the WR website.

Tips and Suggestions

Wilderness Report suggests that all communication with resource mangers be in writing so there is a clear record of exactly was what said when and by whom. Written communication also allows others to accurately follow your conservation.

  • Go online to find out the name and address of the current Forest Supervisor, Park Superintendent or Area Manager for your area of focus.
  • Save an original copy of everything you mail and all replies you receive.
  • Appreciate that managers are busy people; it may take several weeks to receive a reply but it should not take longer than a month.
  • Recognize and applaud exemplary management whenever possible.