Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington.

Glacier Peak, at 10,054', is the centerpiece of the Glacier Peak Wilderness.  Surrounding the peak are large tracks of rugged land, untrailed and inviting exploration by the more serious wilderness traveler.  


Trails in Glacier Peak are suffering from significant amounts of erosion and overall, the trail system is in a state of deterioration.  Though garbage and littter is uncommon campsites are typically marred by firpits and poor backcountry sanitation is not uncommon.


The agency should remove the culvert abandoned along the trail and those in the nearby creek.  Wilderness users are encouraged to share observations of instances where managers have allowed non-historic materials to be abandoned within wilderness.

Trails are often eroded and structures in a state of collapse.

Pack-it-in-pack-it-out should apply to users and managers.