Three Sisters Ski Trip

Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.

Hiking a road behind a locked FS gate before a backcountry ski trip I was stunned to find private vehicles parked 3 miles up the road. This did not seem like fair and equitable access to a public resource. What's up! I reached out to the USFS Supervisor to learn more about why vehicles were there.


In his response the Forest Supervisor indicated that the road was indeed closed to vehicles during the winter season and the FS has no idea who might be using motor vehicles to access this area.  Further, the FS suggested that concerned individuals should take photos and record license plate numbers and share this information with the Forest Service.


The agency response explains that though the Three Creeks Road (Road 16) is closed to motor vehicle traffic in the winter an ancillary FS Road exists that connects back to Road 16 above the gate and that there are no prohibitions for accessing the Road 16  in this way.  The meaning of this is extremely unclear; is Road 16 closed to motor vehicle traffic or not?