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Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho

Trip Review

You may submit two different types of wilderness Scorecards–either a Trip Review or an Issue Report or both.  These reports also grade wilderness managers in a variety of categories related to wilderness management and the protection of wilderness values.  These grades will be used to compile an annual wilderness management Scorecard that will be used to celebrate excellence in wilderness management.

Remember, if you love the way your favorite wilderness is managed file a report and let us know.  We think celebrating excellence and challenging others to follow is a great approach to promoting a new era of "best practices" in wilderness management.

Submit a Trip Review to summarize findings on a wilderness outing.  Trip Reviews identify management issues and the overall quality of the users wilderness experience.  Typically they do not involve correspondence with the management agency.  Example: after a float trip you might note exceptionally pristine campsites marked by painted signs on metal t-posts.

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