Mt Jefferson peak - Cabot Lake Loop

Mount Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon.

High lake basins and frequent dazzling views of 10,497' Mount Jefferson highlight this Oregon wilderness area. We completed the Cabot Lake Loop.


Sections of the route are falling into disrepair.  The lack of effective drainage structures is allowing tread erosion accelerate; rocks and cobbles are exposed, the trail becomes entrenched and the problem is compounded by every significant weather event.  Campsites are often heavily used but, with the exception of firerings, unmarked by trash and litter.


The agency needs to prioritize maintenance of drainage structures and, in many locations, focus on the construction of additional drainage structures, to minimize resource damage and save the recreational resource.  The time has arrived when the agency should seriously consider implementing a ban on all campfires within Cascade wilderness areas.

Bucking out windfalls tight to the trail reduces user impacts by preventing traffic from wandering off the trail.